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I’m Not Meant For Everyone And I’m Ok With That

Something about the title of this blog post makes me feel so free and uninhibited. Understanding my place is this world has given me perspective that we all live totally different lives simultaneously. We all have totally different wants, needs, values and appreciations and that’s a beautiful thing. Where beauty turns into despair is when you try to be something your not. Nothing lacking authenticity will ever last.

I’ve come to learn that when you fully love and accept yourself, you won’t care too much about who doesn’t. The need for approval is something I struggled with so much in my younger years. I used to have a very naive view of the world and assumed if I were a good person, people would in turn be good to me. I guess in theory that sounds great, but it certainly didn’t play out that way. I had to learn some painful lessons which made me reevaluate everything.

To be for everyone essentially means you are adapting yourself for the benefit of those around you before yourself and I wholeheartedly reject that notion. I value the quality in the relationships close to me over quantity so I’m a firm believer that the people who are meant to be in your life will find their way to you and the ones you aren’t supposed to be there will struggle to remain. Life can and will show us a lot but we have to pay attention. Sometimes this can include recognizing when a relationship, friendship or job has run its course and being courageous enough to leave and seek better. Its one thing to have boundaries but another thing entirely to enforce them. I know more than anyone that this is easier said than done, but I also know that it can be achieved if you want it bad enough.

I have always been in long-term relationships since I started dating honestly but my last relationship took me through the ringer and I left not with sadness or remorse but with anger and a hint of resentment. I was angry at myself for many things but the hardest to accept was the wasted time and the fact that things got so bad the only thing I desired was peace. I left with a firm grasp on what I will never tolerate and put up with again. I knew long before it actually ended that it wouldn’t last, but love will blind you and manipulation is a part of the game when dealing with a narcissist, my first and last. As painful as it was in the moment, hind sight is a MF and I can clearly see how that relationship was not meant for a lifetime of fulfillment but for my growth because I was meant for something much bigger than my circumstances.

This moment in time was a pivotal point in my healing journey because I had to look within myself, critique my part in the deterioration of the relationship and make real changes so that I never went through that again. I destroyed everything within myself I didn’t like and built myself back up, piece by piece. Anyone who’s done this knows the difficulty, isolation and range of emotions you go through. I didn’t know it at the time, but this was the beginning of my shadow work and spiritual journey, diving head first into discovering the root in why I felt the need for approval, why I felt compelled to stay in something I knew wasn’t serving me in the way I needed and why I had difficulty leaving. Its something about starting from rock bottom that breeds a special appreciation for the process once you make it out. I preach so much about protecting my peace, this is why.

I am confident in knowing that everything that has happened in my life is all apart of the bigger plan of growing into the person I am meant to be. I’ve accepted and even embraced that everyone can’t go where I’m going. Everyone you meet is not meant to travel through life with you and that’s nothing to be upset about. You don’t know what the universe could be saving you from. Trust the journey, become comfortable with the unknown and keep yourself first always.

Finding Your Fall Hobbies And Why You Need Them

Its the official beginning of fall and the end of the month is always the time that I reflect and revisit my goals. When I think of what truly defines a person, I take a particular interest in what people tend to do for fun. Hobbies are essential to keeping the essence of who we are alive. Too often we lose ourselves to the roles we fulfill day in and day out. Lets get into exploring why hobbies are important and why you need them.

An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

How you choose to spend your time can tell you a lot about a person and the things that make them unique. Your hobbies are what you gravitate towards when you need to center yourself. Your hobbies are supposed to be your happy place and temporary escape from reality. You need things in your life that occupies your time and gives you genuine happiness. That happiness is supposed to come from you and that can only happen after you’ve become familiar with what you want and need in this world.

Some of my hobbies include reading. I love a good book to get lost in for pleasure and its so good you cant put it down. There were many times I’d complete entire books within two days because I was so into it. My preferred genres of books would include self development, empowerment, cultural and historical, autobiographies, fiction and a Zane book or few.

Travel is near and dear to my heart and the first thing that always comes to mind when it comes to my happiness. There is so much of the world to see. We often spend most of our lives in our communities, not knowing what else is really out there. I have a curious mind, so traveling and experiencing different cultures always intrigued me. There is something really humbling about realizing how small we are in a world full of billions of different kinds of people. I love to soak up culture directly from the source and experience everything that particular area has to offer. The beauty in traveling is the distance is totally up to you. International trips get most of the attention, but checking out new spots in your own backyard can be just as fun. I’m sure there are things around you that you had no idea were there. Something to think about.

I love to cook just as much as I love to eat. Food is definitely life over here. There’s an art to cooking and some of our best memories are made over delicious meals. I don’t know if this is a hobby per say, but I make it my business to try new recipes often and visit new restaurants. I try to get out at least once a week and do something adultish for me. I try to make happy hour or brunch at least once a week and I like to find local businesses to try. Some of my best meals have come from places I’d never even heard of. Cooking is something I’ve done all my life it feels like, so my taste buds are pretty experienced.

As much as I love food, I’m realistic enough to know that I can’t endlessly eat without some kind of counter measures in place. I try to stay active working out 3 to 4 days a week. Some weeks are more successful than others, but its been a pretty consistent part of my life for the last few years. We are only given one body in this world so our life literally depends on its efficiency. Yes I like to binge eat wings and drinks during happy hour, but I also make sure to make up for it in the gym. Balance

I love doing DIY projects around my home. I am one of those people who likes to change things up as the seasons change. Fall wreath, Christmas lights outside, yea that’s me. I’m always open to home decor that catches my eye, but I often found I wasn’t too fond of the pre-made color patterns of decor found in stores. Doing DIY projects gives me full customization options to best suit the look I’m going for. Not to mention the savings in cost. Sometimes my projects include home decor, painting, refurbishing furniture, home repairs and everything else in between.

Speaking of savings, that brings me to my new hobby. Couponing! I am definitely a bargain shopper and prefer to stock up on the things I used at home. 2019 has been a year of a personal goal I call operation financial freedom. I came into this year determined to pay off all of my debt, so couponing and the additional savings were just what I needed. While its efficient, it is time consuming I won’t lie to you. I’m not a super shopper like some of you (kudos to you!) but I do it as necessary as my inventory runs low. This is an excellent way to save and budget your grocery expenses.

Finding your hobbies are a big part to finding what makes you happy

Some of you may remember my post some months back about happiness being an inside job, your happiness is yours alone to fulfill. We have been brainwashed into believing that its someone else’s responsibility to come into our lives and make us happy. I’m sorry, but I don’t wish to give anyone that kind of control over me. I am the creator of my destiny and to walk that destiny is to live each day as the best day you’ve had thus far. Finding your hobbies are a big part to finding what makes you happy. Its exploring the parts of you that you may not of known were there. Self exploration is the best kind of self love.

What are some of your favorite hobbies? Let me know down below!

Changing The Stigma On Being Single

Single and stigma probably aren’t two words one would normally put together in a positive sense, but yet here we are. As most of us grow and progress in age, we tend to equate that to a fine bottle of wine getting better with time but there is still this unspoken stigma on single women. I’m here to tell you why that is total bs and what I think will help change the narrative.

” Too many people settle just to say they have someone and that’s not my idea of a successful union “

Most of us grew up with the expectation that marriage meant you made it. Not only is this outdated but its a superficially small way of looking at life. The stigma of something being wrong with older single women is often times baseless. There is nothing wrong with you because of your relationship status or lack there of. Too many people settle just to say they have someone and that’s not my idea of a successful union. Marriage is important but its not the determining factor of life and death and we need to stop treating it as such. There should be more importance placed on marrying the RIGHT person that gives your union longevity vs rushing to meet the age quota only for it to deteriorate a few years down the road. I’m by no means knocking the value and sacredness of the matrimonial union, only shedding light on the fact that there are other things to work towards and be proud of.

Times have changed drastically from when our grandparents were dating. Back then, it was the norm to marry young and fast, starting families and building from scratch. The economy was much better and good paying wages made it feasible for the husband to work while the wife tended to the home and children. The flip side to this was many of these wives were solely dependent on their husbands for everything from finances to survival. This created an unequal balance of power, leaving many women with very few options to leave even if she desperately desired to do so.

” … but that doesn’t mean we devalue marriage. The dynamics have changed from a need to a want. “

Women of today are competing and occasionally excelling beyond our male partners. We are no longer dependent on men for survival, but that doesn’t mean we devalue marriage. The dynamics have changed from a need to a want. I look at marriage as a lifetime partnership that has many sectors under its umbrella. Not only are we lovers, but best friends, business partners, supporters and cheerleaders who will share the responsibility of raising a family and leaving a legacy for your children and grandchildren to build upon.

Your single season is supposed to be the time where you heal, rebuild and truly reconnect with yourself. This is where you discover who you truly are without any outside interference. The single season is when you are truly free to live on your own terms and the optimal time when you should act on your curiosity. You may discover you have a love for wine festivals, reading, traveling or whatever your into. We all handle this process differently and in a multitude of ways but the fact that someone is taking time to heal and grow before bringing past baggage into another relationship should be encouraged. Hurt people hurt people and the only way to break that cycle is to recognize the reason behind our own toxic behavior and heal. Some of us come out stronger and better prepared for our next relationship and others may come out feeling like long term relationships or marriage is not for them. Everything isn’t for everyone and that’s worth respectfully acknowledging.

I’ve noticed among women there is sometimes a condescending tone from married women towards single women and I never understood why. While marriage is definitely something to be proud of, your relationship status is no stipulation of progress of a good life if that’s all you have to show for it. Have we all not seen the divorce statistics lately? The divorce rate is high as hell and more likely to happen the younger you marry.

” We love to preach about being equally yoked but that extends much further than finances. “

Marriage traditionally was a business partnership. It was only in the last few generations that we have adapted to marrying for love. Love should be present whenever marriage discussions are underway, but we cannot forget about the business and character aspects of the people we love so much. Love alone will not foster a good marriage nor will it raise a family. We love to preach about being equally yoked but that extends much further than finances. Is this person also satisfying me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as well? These are some of the things I ask myself because I want something that will stand the test of time. I’m very aware that even with the most planning, things still can go wrong but that’s no reason not to prepare and aim for the best.

Your relationship status doesn’t speak for your entire life. We should be proud of the things we accomplish on our own with education, work, entrepreneurship, traveling the world and beyond. Changing this narrative will require honest discussions and open minds to hear, understand and respect perspectives different from our own. This includes checking our judgement and the root of our opinions. The beautiful thing about life is that we all coexist but have totally different realities. What may work for me may not work for the next person and that’s ok! The emphasis should be put on the fact that we are indeed different, which means our goals, aspirations and actions will be different and the respect for our own worlds should be given freely. What are your views on the single season? Do you think a stigma on unwed older women still exists? Let me know your thoughts and opinions!

Something In The Water

When I first heard the legendary Pharrell Williams was pitching a festival idea to the city of Virginia Beach, my ears perked up. You see, while Virginia has its perks, a common big complaint is the lack of things to do. Pharrell decided to conquer one of the most controversial weekends of the year to pull this off… Beach weekend. Beach weekend is always the last weekend in April and has become an unofficial tradition of college students packing the beach the week before finals. The controversy comes from the past incidents of violence and vandalism, sparking tense debates around the area. Pharrell emphasized the need for structure and activities to keep people occupied and he was spot on.

To say that this festival was amazing is an understatement. This festival drew in large crowds and for the first time in years, there was no violence. I didn’t really know what to expect, especially because it was the first year, but I trusted Pharrell and his vision and it was better than anything I could of imagined. For us locals this is huge and something to be celebrated, especially with over 40k people. This festival brought all kinds of people together no matter their ethnic background, beliefs or politics. From the epic line up of performances, surprise guests, food, art, cultural events and discussions, Trap Karaoke, dance competitions, the custom Adidas basketball court on the beach and so much more… there was literally something for everyone.

The festival began with a rough start on Friday, with rain ruining and eventually cancelling the first day. While he didn’t have to, Pharrell refunded everyone for that and more than made up for it over the next two days. The energy that was created has been strong and evident by everyone who was in attendance. Take a look at some of the footage from this epic event. I will definitely be present for SITW 2020!

Timbaland, Magoo, Missy Elliott, Sza, Jay Z, Tyler the Creator, Pusha T
Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Pharrell, ASAP Ferg, Travis Scott, Fabolous, Pharrell, Snoop Dogg
Teddy Riley, Dram, Usher, Jhene Aiko, Anderson Pak
Charlie Wilson, J Balvin, Pharrell, Lil Duval, Chris Brown, Trey Songz

10 Fun Facts About Me

As we enter the middle of April, I sit back and reflect on my time as a blogger. I can’t believe it’s already been four months! I’m so very thankful for every single of you who take the time out to read what I have to say! I couldn’t be more appreciative! Many of you have joined me a little further in, so I wanted to do a fun post about some interesting facts about me!

1. My name is Michelle but most people call me Mimi. The name of my blog, Authentically_Mi, came to me while doing a personality test one night. As I was reading my results, the part that resonated with me the most was the authenticity factor and how I base everything in my life according to that. The name was a perfect fit for who I am.

2. I am a tween mother! My love and light Saniyah is my only child and shes growing up way too fast for me! She will be 12 this summer and its surreal to think next year she will be a teenager. While I had her young and faced many challenges, I never let that stop me. I went on to graduate college magna cum laude as a young mother and I’m so very proud to say my baby girl was accepted into a gifted middle school this past year. It has not been easy by far, but it has made a major impact on who I am today. Anything is possible!

3. My views are unique and I credit that to how I grew up. Its hard for me to explain where I’m from sometimes due to my upbringing. I was a military brat until high school, consistenly moving every 4 to 5 years, several different states and overseas. While I was born on the West Coast in New Mexico, a pivotal point in my growth came while living in Germany, so that feels most like home. I moved here to Virginia in my junior year of high school and have been here ever since.

4. I currently work for the government in public health as a program coordinator. I have been at my job for almost 9 years now and while I love public health, a part of me is ready to see whats out there. My interests have grown into the IT sector and this the direction I plan to go next. I began blogging as a way to express myself and share some of the things I have learned along the way. Since starting in December, it has been a great journey so far

5. If you’ve seen my astrology posts, you may already know that I am a pisces sun, capricorn moon and virgo rising. I got into astrology a few years ago to learn more about myself and I’m still learning. Funny as it sounds, it was how I began my self discovery journey. I enjoy learning about what resonates with me.

6. I am very family oriented, as the first born child of two, I have a pretty close relationship with my family. Because of the military, I didn’t get to grow up around my family, but my summers were cherished because our visits were some of my most fondest memories. I am also an aunt to two newphews!

7. I am an ambivert. An ambivert is both an extrovert and introvert, although I tend to lean more towards the introverted side. I loveeeeee my alone time, maybe a bit too much. I am one of those people who actually loves their own company, other times I can be the life of the party. As an empath, I am very sensitive to the energies around me and I protect my peace as necessary. I am very big on the vibes I get from people because I know that energy doesnt lie. Please don’t kill my vibe is a daily affirmation over here.

8. Some of my hobbies include cooking, eating out and trying new restaurants, wine festivals, theme parks, music festivals, comedy shows, concerts, beach days, reading, writing and blogging, DIY projects, gardening, movies, painting, road trips and my number one love TRAVEL! There is nothing I love more than to go to a foreign land and experience the people, culture and food. I like to get off the resort and explore the area. I am very adventurous for the most part but I don’t like heights.

9. Although I’m not ocd about health, I am pretty conscious of it. I currently workout 3 to 4 days a week in the gym, and 2 days of HIIT cardio at home. HIIT, High Intensity Interval Training, has been an excellent move for cardio. Since my time is pretty limited, I can get a pretty good workout in about 30 minutes. Its all in how hard you push yourself. While I tend to be pretty diciplined with food during the week, I stil try to eat what I want, but in portions. Its helped me to make this a lifestyle change I can stick with. I recently got into herbal remedies for health maintenance and now make own teas that are nourishing and taste good.

10. I am a lover of all things art, music, museums, technology, spirituality, culture and history. I just like learning new things. I believe that we are forever students because there is always something to be learned in life, no matter how old you are. I have a curious mind, so I am always seeking, investigating and researching. Even with purchases, I will read the reviews from several sites and compare several different models all before I make the purchase. OCD I know, but my decisions are well informed, it keeps my mind sharp and its given me knowledge and wisdom in a wide variety of areas.

I hope you learned something of interest about me today. We are over 100 followers as of last week and this is my 20th post! Coincidence or no… lol I like to think of it is synchronicities and confirmation of doing something great. I hope we continue to grow! Tell me a little about yourself? What makes you original?


Happy Thursday!! Today is the last day of February and I have no idea where the time is going! While I am extra excited to see March (Pisces season!), I couldn’t let this day go by without acknowledging all of the black history posts and celebrations I’ve seen all month! This has not been lost on me, if we are Facebook friends you are well aware of this lol. Black history should be celebrated often so it doesn’t stop at the end of February. Accountability is word I’ve seen thrown around a lot lately from everything politics, history, the economy, relationships and so on so what does this all really mean?

Accountability is defined as the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility

Accountability is as simple as accepting responsibility for the things that you do and don’t do. AKA owning your shit in Mimi’s terms. Its being able to acknowledge both the good and bad behaviors within yourself and society as a whole. Change cannot occur when one will not accept the issue as truth. It requires a humble humility to admit that you have faults and may be the cause of some of the negative things in your life. It requires patience, understanding and forgiveness to accept your toxic traits, explore the root reason behind why you connected with them and make a conscious effort to change for the better. This isn’t easy, especially when habits are years old and can be tough to break. Maintaining your accountability means to keep on doing the right thing no matter how strong the wrong things pull at you. This is a trait universal to several areas in our lives. How can you truly be a good parent if you aren’t accountable? How can you be a dependable boss or employee if your word means nothing? I remember as a child, my Great Grandma Sis had a favorite saying and it was one I never forgot.

Sorry ain’t worth is damn

As a 8 or 9 year old child I thought it was the funniest thing in the world to hear her cuss in her southern Louisiana accent, but I didn’t really understand what she meant. As an adult, I often think back to that and smile to myself, knowing that now I fully comprehend what she meant. And I stand firmly behind it. Sorry means nothing without changed behavior. Its just lip service and creates a cast of bullshit surrounding the one who is “always sorry” but keeps doing the same thing.

Accountability is pivotal in the dating arena. While its easy to blame our ex’s for the demise of past relationships, we have to look at how our behavior played a part. Every man/woman isn’t the same and shouldn’t be treated the same. Its our responsibility to properly heal in-between relationships and take control of our happiness. No one is responsible for that except us. While others may contribute to our happiness, they should never be the source of it. Source should always come from you first.

When you practice accountability, you take charge and control of the direction your life will go. The thing about change is we don’t get to see physical results and that’s what makes it hard. We should expect our leaders to set the tone when confronting difficult issues. It leads by example for those around us to also stand up and do the right thing. Someone has the set the example and abide by it! Life as we know it sometimes resembles reality tv because we don’t have many honest, authentic leaders who truly guide by the principles of putting the people first.

Lets be real, most people would rather hold everyone else accountable and avoid themselves. Our society is in the business of doing things so that people like you and practicing accountability is the exact opposite of that. Its calling out those failed goals, toxic behavior and horrible spending habits. Its knowing when to rock the boat and not being afraid to express tough love or make hard business decisions. Its making sure to stay on top of our children’s well being and monitor their grades, behavior and influences. Its not cute nor acceptable to watch a smart mouth child cuss or disrespect their parents or teachers. It all starts at home and your child is a direct representation of you. Its nice to be friendly, but not to the point of you the parent being run by your child and you hold no authority to them.

Our job is to raise our children and keep them in line so that they grow up to be respectable adults. That involves punishing bad behavior, bad grades, not following directions, ect. but most importantly leading by example! Its not the teachers job or responsibility to do these things. Its easy to turn on a movie to get a little quiet time or hand over our phones for YouTube. We have to be accountable in making sure the content they view is age appropriate and doesn’t contain inappropriate material. The social media frenzy about this “Mow Mow” character is an eerie reminder of that. This creepy looking lady has been exposed on Youtube, popping up half way through kids videos encouraging them to harm themselves and their families. While this isn’t said to scare anyone, it is a major reminder that sometimes us parents don’t fully check what they are watching as often as we should. We blindly take for granted that people wouldn’t harm children and sadly that’s just not realistic all of the time. This drives the entire point of this post home.

Your word means nothing if people cant trust it to be dependable. We should all strive to be more accountable in our lives and help those around us adapt this behavior. All it takes is one leader to spark the change.

Travel Blog🔹️Las Vegas

screenshot_20190103-111645_samsung internet8877809760932144611..jpg

Viva Las Vegas was the destination for my 30th birthday this past March.

We stayed at the Tropicana Hotel, although I’m not sure I would stay there again (had no rooms available despite a reservation months in advance. The manager found us a room several hours later. Luckily we had friends who also had a room we could crash at in the meantime).

First place we hit was Mr. Mama’s for some food (awesome breakfast cafe!)

Once full and satisfied we set off for the liquor store and back to our hotel to change and freshen up. Our first real destination for the day was the opening day pool party at Liquid Pool Lounge, a club inside of the Aria Resort & Casino. The atmosphere was nice but the drinks were expensive and seating was reserved for vip only.  We still enjoyed ourselves and then left a few hours later to walk the strip and enjoy the atmosphere. We had plans to go out for dinner but the 6am flight caught up to us and sleep took over.


Day 2 consisted of a little shopping on the strip

Lunch and drinks at the PBR Rock Bar

A pole dancing class at Pole Fitness Studios

My friend Kayla getting some ink at Last Chance Tattoo

Dinner at The Barrymore

Finally ending the night at Drai’s Nightclub for a Migos performance


Day 3 and our final day in Vegas began with brunch at the Wynn Buffet (awesome food, plentiful variety and bottomless drinks!, 🍹)

A bit of random casino playing and checking out the Phantom 😎

That evening we started with a happy hour in the sky at the High Roller

And ended the evening with a bar crawl across Downtown Vegas.

We had just enough time to come back to the hotel, pack and head to the airport. Walking through TSA burping Yeager will stay with me forever lol. Welcome to 30

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A letter to my 20 year old self

As the end of 2018 gets closer, I took some time to reflect on my major milestone, the year of the big 3-0! Turning 30 made me think back on the decade I was now leaving behind and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. To say I had my share of challenges is an understatement!! But many would never know it. I am such a private person, so my battles were always silent. But these lessons are too valuable not to share. Thinking back on what I would tell my 20 year old self, I decided to write a letter.

You did not recognize your own strength and resiliency! Oh if only I knew then what I know now, things would of been so different. But our journey has no mistakes in the lessons meant for us. I would start off by telling you not to worry so much. Live your life for YOU and find all the things you love, no matter how strange or weird they may be. This is what separates you from others and makes you unique. Be decisive, assertive and stand firm in your boundaries. That man your stressing over will become a distant memory, save your energy. Never sacrifice your happiness for someone else. You deserve to be happy too. Put yourself first but be considerate always. Your peace and happiness is YOUR responsibility, do not take that lightly and protect it often.

Rejection or a direct NO can sting and cause pain when your heart is set on something but this can be a hidden blessing. Sometimes what you THINK you want is the worst for you in the long run. Learn to recognize this as a blessing in disguise! There is always something to be learned from every situation and person we encounter. Continue to be observant and pay attention.

This one here is crucial, DON’T BECOME WHO HURT YOU. Read that line as many times as you need to for it to sink in. Revenge feels nice (evilly satisfying if I’m being honest) but its best to feel it, own it, learn from it and let it go! Don’t avoid this part. Suppressed feelings have a way of manifesting in other areas of your life when ignored. Don’t be afraid to start over, change is good sometimes even when you don’t know the end result right away. As a perfectionist, Chill TF out sometimes and just ride the wave! Everything has a way of working out. Understand what you bring to the table and never be afraid to leave if your taken for granted or unappreciated. There are other tables out here, you can even go a step further and create your own. Never settle and don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to either. There is so much of the world you still haven’t seen, travel travel TRAVEL! Save your sick days for that lol

Focus on your goals and update them often. Let no one distract you from this. Those meant to be in your life will be there regardless, focus more on them than the people you have to fight to stay. If someone wants to leave, open the door for them, wish them well, then get back to your own life. Your friendship is not a revolving door, lock it once closed. There are still people who love and adore you! Silence really is golden and sometimes is the best answer. Easier said than done but can easily be achieved with practice and consistency.

Becoming a mother, a single mother at that is one of the hardest jobs you will ever have, but you’ve done a wonderful job despite everything stacked against you! Your determination is unmatched, you never let anything stop you to include graduating college MAGNA CUM LAUDE. Pat yourself on the back more often, you’ve earned it! Celebrate your own victories the same way you do others. Continue to lead your own path with your morals and principals guiding your way. It may not feel like it, but people do and will notice your authenticity and will love you for it, especially in a world programmed to follow the same trends. Those are the people you need to keep around. Don’t lose what makes you, YOU. Get out of that shell! There is so much more depth to you than people realize, show it off, let good people in and be proud! Own every bit of who you are and keep getting better. Self reflect often.. and make the necessary changes. Don’t make excuses for shitty behavior and decisions. You must take accountability for your yourself, and apologize when necessary. Check your ego, the world owes you nothing.

Last but most importantly, forgive often, but you are under no obligation to keep people in your life! It’s OK to forgive and still cut ties with people who have wronged you. The person who will need your forgiveness the most is YOURSELF… be generous and learn to forgive fully and honestly. It is a good thing to have high expectations of yourself and others but leave room for mistakes. Learning from them is how you will grow ❤

30 IS the new 20 ❤

What does it mean to self reflect?

The ability to stop and check yourself is one of the best qualities to have. None of us are perfect, we are all a constant work in progress.

Self reflection is holding a mirror up to your own flaws, bad habits and toxic behaviors. It about being able to recognize your own short comings and do something about it.

This is growth! This is how we expand and see things from different perspectives and gain a more opened minded view. Introspective maintenance should be practiced regularly to be your best.

It takes consistent practice to become more self aware of our flaws and extremely brave to face them! We all have the capability to realign ourselves at any moment.

Are there some flaws you know you need to work on? Others you aren’t so aware of? Comment below and let me know 💙