Eat..Read..sip.. a book club

Eat.Read.Sip A book club is pretty self explanatory. My vision for this book club is to create a space with like minded individuals who also love reading, good drinks, good food, and great conversation. This is a another way to socialize, meet new people, and have a new hobby to participate in.

I hope to start a relaunch on April 1, 2019.  The only way this group can work is with active participation. I would like to do it monthly or every other month (I will include a poll to get everyone’s opinion on this as well as future books to read). The location for the meet will vary in different places across Hampton Roads so we will have a good variety of places to choose from. For those outside of the Hampton Roads area who would like to join, there will still be plenty of discussions here in the group and at some point the local meets may be live streamed so no one will miss out.

This book club will feature updates via our Facebook group (Eat.Read.Sip.. A Book Club, add us!) and a monthly live meet up for happy hour and a discussion on our current read! This club is open to any adult interested, like our our Facebook page and add our group for more information!

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