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Travel Blog- Chicago

Good morning and Happy Thursday! Another cold, wet and rainy winter day here in Virginia and I’m over it! This weeks blog post will be a travel post for a place I recently had the chance to visit… Chicago, CHICAGO! I arrived in the windy city (stood true to this statement!) on a Thursday afternoon for a long weekend. It was my annual family reunion and Chi Town was this years pick of the draw. I’ve been to almost every US state with the exception of a few, and Illinois was on that list. You hear so much about Chicago so I was itching to come and see it for myself and I’m so glad I did!

My first night there was pretty uneventful. Although I live on the East Coast in Virginia, we first drove to Detroit and spent Wednesday night with family before finally heading to Chicago Thursday morning. The road trip wore us out but we did attend the meet and greet, which consisted of happy hour drinks, snacks and socializing. A little while later we were served a Chicago hot dog style bar and karaoke. I ate and talked for a bit before heading for our room to shower and lay it down for the night. The next day (Friday) was the family picnic where I saw many more relatives, ate more than I needed to and even learned to Chicago step- the infamous Chicago dance the area is known for. That evening followed with a evening excursion into the city and down to the first Chicago landmark- the Navy Pier, a 3,000 ft pier located on the Chicago shoreline of Lake Michigan on the North side of the city. On the way to the pier, we stopped at a popular area for pictures of the Chicago skyline, one of the worlds tallest and features four of America’s eight tallest buildings in the county. A beautiful sight indeed!

View of the Chicago Skyline

The navy pier features dozens of restaurants, events, cruises, rides and games, shopping tours and more. I had to try some of the infamous Garrett Popcorn, a Chicago tradition and opted to try the “Chicago Mix”, a blend of Caramel and Cheese. I was a bit put off by the combination but not too bad. My mother and grandmother wanted real food so we walked down to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant and Market. I stared off with a frozen mixed drink (Mai Tai I belive) and a water. The cool thing about these drinks is some of them come with souvinere glasses or drink shakers to take home! This particular one came with a drink shaker so that was a nice perk. When it came to the food, I ordered the Shrimp New Orleans. This is a shrimp dish that reminds me of shrimp etouffee, a creole southern classic. It was delicious!

Another stop that we made was to The Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park, another famous Chicago landmark. It features one of the largest fountains in the world! The neat thing about this fountain is that its built in a Rocky, Rococo wedding cake style and is meant to artistically represent Lake Michigan. The inspiration for this fountain is from the Latona Fountain, found at the Palace of Versailles in France. I love how live and lit up it is a night. There was so much to stop and see down here.

Saturday, our final day in the city began with another city tour but my photos weren’t that great from where I was sitting on the tour bus. I did manage to grab a slice of Chicago deep dish pizza (it wouldnt be right to come to Chicago and not try the pizza lol) and ended with a family banquet to close off the weekend. I didnt get to see as much as I wanted to due to time constraints but here are a few things that I want to experience the next time I come back to Chi Town:

  1. The Chicago skydeck! Located on the 103rd floor of Willis Tower (formally Sears Tower), this attraction is most famous for its thrill-seeking, panaromic views of the Skyline but specifically- an extended glass balcony over 1300 feet from the ground!

2. A cruise down the Chicago River! This is a great opportunity to get a up and personal look of the Skyline and all it entails. I love the water, so anything to be close to it is great for me! Plus they offer evening cruises and offer a full bar!

3. Millinimum Park- Three square blocks of art and acritecture to include Crown Gate, Crown Fountaim, farris wheel, outdoor music pavilion, ice skating rink in the winter and the perfect backdrop for a host of local and family friendly activities. We did drive through here but next time I want to stop and explore!

Overall I would say that this trip to the mid-west was successful! There was so much to see in so little time, but I’m glad to have checked some things off my to see list! Until next time Chicago!

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Travel Blog🔹️Las Vegas

screenshot_20190103-111645_samsung internet8877809760932144611..jpg

Viva Las Vegas was the destination for my 30th birthday this past March.

We stayed at the Tropicana Hotel, although I’m not sure I would stay there again (had no rooms available despite a reservation months in advance. The manager found us a room several hours later. Luckily we had friends who also had a room we could crash at in the meantime).

First place we hit was Mr. Mama’s for some food (awesome breakfast cafe!)

Once full and satisfied we set off for the liquor store and back to our hotel to change and freshen up. Our first real destination for the day was the opening day pool party at Liquid Pool Lounge, a club inside of the Aria Resort & Casino. The atmosphere was nice but the drinks were expensive and seating was reserved for vip only.  We still enjoyed ourselves and then left a few hours later to walk the strip and enjoy the atmosphere. We had plans to go out for dinner but the 6am flight caught up to us and sleep took over.


Day 2 consisted of a little shopping on the strip

Lunch and drinks at the PBR Rock Bar

A pole dancing class at Pole Fitness Studios

My friend Kayla getting some ink at Last Chance Tattoo

Dinner at The Barrymore

Finally ending the night at Drai’s Nightclub for a Migos performance


Day 3 and our final day in Vegas began with brunch at the Wynn Buffet (awesome food, plentiful variety and bottomless drinks!, 🍹)

A bit of random casino playing and checking out the Phantom 😎

That evening we started with a happy hour in the sky at the High Roller

And ended the evening with a bar crawl across Downtown Vegas.

We had just enough time to come back to the hotel, pack and head to the airport. Walking through TSA burping Yeager will stay with me forever lol. Welcome to 30

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