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Henny & Waffles: A Brunch Experience

As you all know I love brunch and everything that comes with it but this twist is one of a kind! Henny & Waffles is the official East Coast brunch and turn up! Based out of Washington DC, the name certainly speaks for itself.

Henny & Waffles is a lavish, all you can eat buffet that turns into a day party, frequenting various locations. With specialized drink and food menus, the brunch buffet is from 1PM-4PM, rolling straight into the day party. This particular weekend that I attended happened to be Norfolk State’s Homecoming #NYTHC and the vibe was everything I expected it to be.

Held at Broadway nightclub in Norfolk, VA, I admit this was my first time here. I’m not too big on the club life, with the exception of birthday parties or other sporadic events that may pop up. Henny & Waffles was that sporadic event for me and Broadway. We arrived around 1:30 as several others were also pulling up. There weren’t that many people inside, so it was odd for there to be a line to get inside. Nevertheless, we made it inside about 10 minutes later and scanned our tickets to receive our wrist bands and our Henny & Waffles cups. With tickets priced at $50 a piece, (drinks sold separately) I was curious as to what this brunch entailed.

The lavish brunch menu posted on the henny & waffles website included henny whole wings, crab balls, fried fish, waffle station, omelet station, mac & cheese, turkey sausage, home fries, bacon, garden salad, desert, fruit and more. I am a foodie at heart, so its above me to take a glance at the menu prior to trying new things so I already have an idea of what to expect. The set up inside was a bit confusing when it came to the brunch bar. People kind of formed their own line with no direction from staff. The breakfast bar was not as big as I anticipated. The kitchen was continuously bringing out food, so not everything was available at the same time. They served fruit (grapes, pineapples and cantaloupe with powered sugar), two kinds of bacon, sausage, fried fish, mac & cheese, shrimp & grits, greens, regular and henny wings, eggs, and regular and red velvet pancakes.

I thought the food for the most part was pretty good, with the shrimp and grits being my personal favorite of the day. Some of the drink specials included unlimited mimosas and henny lemonade, which was priced at $15 and $10 respectively. The unlimited mimosas were served in the teeniest of cups, which meant several trips to the bar and was quite an inconvenience. The henny lemonade was good and strong and came in a bigger cup than the mimosas.

The vibe of the day party was pretty chill and you could tell everyone was out to just have a good time. My type of crowd lol, I was a little happy inside to see that it was just the perfect amount of people, definitely not empty, but not too many either. The club also offered hookah at a ridiculously overpriced rate, but I guess it comes with the territory.

Overall the event was a bit pricey but it was good way to end the weekend, have a few drinks and enjoy the vibe. They travel to different cities, so check to see if they’ll be headed your way!

Brunch Chronicles~ Passion The Restaurant Chesapeake, VA

Passion The Restaurant, The Shoppes at Greenbriar
1036 Volvo Pkwy Chesapeake, VA

As you all know, brunch chronicles are a favorite of mine and this feature was no different. I’ve never been here before but was excited to try it out. Located in a strip mall with plenty of parking, it was easy to get to. The brunch hours here were listed from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. We arrived right before 1:00 and there wasn’t much of a crowd but I certainly complaining. Our server was friendly, prompt and attentive.

The brunch drink menu wasn’t that extensive, but they did offer a few mimosa and bloody Mary options, with a full bar in case you need something on the rocks. I opted for the pineapple mimosa and water of course! It was just enough juice to taste but left the champagne taste to savor.

The brunch menu options were plentiful! I was torn between the shrimp and grits, the lump crab or the classic omelet and the Pan Purdue (French toast, bacon and hashers). I inquired about the cinnamon roll French toast option and our waitress explained that it was actual cinnamon rolls friend the same way as French toast and served with buttercream and caramel icing. I was sold!

The French toast was heaven and very filling! I even had enough to bring home despite arriving with my stomach on E. I always try to portion control my meals to still eat what I want but not fall too far off track. Balance lol. Overall Passion the Restaurant was a great experience and I plan to come back!